An origami candy

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Do you like candy? I love it! So I think this Candy Shaped Box, designed by Makoto Yamaguchi, is ideal to keep sweets or to gift. I used a 15×15 cm paper purchased in Tiger, but I recommend you to use a larger size to keep more candy. If you want to learn how to fold this giant candy I… Read more »

Paper candle holder

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Before I go to sleep I love watching all the origami paper that I keep, carefully placed on the shelf of my room. Obviously not all the paper figures survive over time but they do these wich have something special. This is the case of candle holders that I folded a few weeks ago. They are so pretty and decorative… Read more »

Origami giant panda

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I always thought that any origami animal is a hundred times better with eyes glued. It’s a very cheap extra you can buy at almost any stationery and that brings life to the figure. To prove it, I leave this panda with a small handle that allows hook it behind on glasses or similar surfaces. It’s made with black and… Read more »

The Bascetta star

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A couple of years ago, when I restart with enthusiasm my love for origami, I hated modular designs. Creating the individual parts was easy, but when I tried to join them the result was always a disaster. The frustration of spending an hour creating pieces that wouldn’t fit was terrible, so I decided that the modular origami was not for… Read more »