Easy paper boxes

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cajas de origami

It may seem an obvious thing to say, but boxes are essential items in our lives. In them you can keep memories, make gifts to people you like or create order of your mess. But the best thing about boxes is that we can create our own with just a sheet of paper. Do you want to know how? Look for a piece of paper, preferably with a thickness of about 120-150 gr, with at least one of the sides decorated. Cut… Read more »

5 tips for kusudama beginners

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A year ago I wouldn’t dare to imagine that I was to be able to fold a kusudama. Until mid-2015 any origami design composed of two or more parts was an impossible challenge. I tried to start with basics such as the Tomoko Fuse boxes, but I failed. I also tried with some 30-pieces kusudama, which ended in the bin. I tried, and tried and tried and it nearly drove me crazy. As I told you on the blog, this agony ended when I folded the… Read more »

Paper string lights

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guirnalda de luces

I’m sure that many origami lovers know the water bomb. But I’m also sure that they don’t know that one use for the water bomb is as a fly trap. Flies are caught and placed in the water bomb. Their are enclosured in a confined space, wich strikingly amplifies the buzzing of the flies. Also it was used for the… Read more »

More paper stars

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Let the stars illuminate your rooms, your Christmas trees and even your life. With a little golden kraft paper, scissors and a few folds you can create them. This origami figure starts with a pentagonal paper. With just a few folds it becomes a star. Do you want to know how? On this website you will find all the steps,… Read more »