5 tips for kusudama beginners

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A year ago I wouldn’t dare to imagine that I was to be able to fold a kusudama. Until mid-2015 any origami design composed of two or more parts was an impossible challenge. I tried to start with basics such as the Tomoko Fuse boxes, but I failed. I also tried with some 30-pieces kusudama, which ended in the bin. I tried, and tried and tried and it nearly drove me crazy.

kusudamaAs I told you on the blog, this agony ended when I folded the Bascetta star. From there, I started to create more and more complicated models and now I can fold beautiful things like this one.

kusudama tomoko fuseHere there are some tips that I want to share with you:

  1. Not all the kusudamas fit in well. As lovely as a kusudama looks in a book, once you start making it, the pieces might not completely fit in. It could also be possible that the final result is a not very solid model because the parts are too loose.
  2. Don’t use glue. First, because in origami we never use glue – It’s a basic rule. And also, because if the pieces don’t have exactly the same size the last part is not going to fit in anyway. I cut the papers directly from kraft paper rolls or sheets and it’s impossible to obtain 30, 60 or 90 perfectly equal pieces.
  3. Don’t fold all the pieces at the beginning. AAs I told you in the first point of this list, some kusudamas don’t fit well. For this reason, I recommend folding only 5 or 6 parts. You can anticipate the result and decide If you want to continue or not.
  4. Use a medium thick paper. For the most consistent kusudamas you can use kami or kraft paper but the best option is to use colored sheets or decorative paper.
  5. And the most important tip: be patient. Sometimes diagrams can be difficult to decode and putting the first pieces together can be a challenge, but with patience and determination you can achieve it. Let’s go for it!



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