The Bascetta star

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A couple of years ago, when I restart with enthusiasm my love for origami, I hated modular designs. Creating the individual parts was easy, but when I tried to join them the result was always a disaster. The frustration of spending an hour creating pieces that wouldn’t fit was terrible, so I decided that the modular origami was not for me.

Everything changed the day I dared with the Bascetta star. This star is composed of 30 very simple parts that fit perfectly. The first piece is as easy as the last one.

Bascetta Star

When all the modules are together the result is a very solid star (no glue required). You can use almost any type of paper to fold it (folios, wrapping paper, cardboards, kami paper, an old book…).

bascetta star origami

If you find it as beautiful as I do, take into account that it’ll look even better if you put fairy lights inside.

If you feel encouraged to fold it you can use this YouTube video in which it is explained how to create the tiny pieces and how to assemble the parts step by step.

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