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Would you like to have a place to store small things like earrings, paperclips or hair bands? I propose to you to use these pretty and practical paper boxes.

cajas papiroflexiaThey are really easy to fold and you only need two sheets of paper and some basic origami notions. Choose a nice paper for the outer box and a white paper for the interior box. The first one should be bigger than the second one (I used a 15x15cm patterned paper and a 14x14cm white paper).

diagrama caja papiroflexiaHow to fold the origami boxes:

  1. Fold the four corners to the center
  2. Divide the square into three equal parts.
  3. Unfold two corners.
  4. Fold into three equal parts horizontally.
  5. Fold a side and overlap the flaps.
  6. Do the same in the other side.

Fold the two boxes. Put the smallest into the other. You can even glue a small paper to create a handle.

caja origami

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