Paper candle holder

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Before I go to sleep I love watching all the origami paper that I keep, carefully placed on the shelf of my room. Obviously not all the paper figures survive over time but they do these wich have something special. This is the case of candle holders that I folded a few weeks ago. They are so pretty and decorative it’s easy to fold them.

portavelas candle holderDo you also want to fold it? To do this you just need a nice paper, scissors and a candle. In this case I used a paper in a size of 15×15 cm. Instructions are available with images or in video.

Personally I love the mixture of paper and light, although I must admit that in the case of candles is not a very safe combination. That’s why this weekend I bought a small LED candles in Primark by  1.50€. They are not equal to traditional ones but are still nice and we can save some trouble.

candle portavelasDo you like the result?

2 thoughts on “Paper candle holder

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