Origami christmas ornaments

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Christmas is coming and with it the typical ornaments of these date, so I think it is the perfect time to publish a series of posts with decorations made with paper. This year you’ll have no excuse to decorate your home!

The first proposal is this simple christmas wreath formed by eight red and green paper units.

corona navidad origami

If you look at the photo you can see that I’ve used kraft paper. You can purchase this type of paper in any bookstore or stationery. I started with  eight squares of 6x6cm and I have obtained a wreath with an approximate diameter of 12cm. Using this reference you can easily calculate the final size before beginning. The instructions about how to fold it are available in this website. There you can also see pictures of the entire process step by step.

If you add a golden thread it will become a perfect ornament for the Christmas tree. I can’t wait to put mine up to see what it looks like 😉

1 thought on “Origami christmas ornaments

  1. Jayna

    Je l'ai enfin vu !St Nicolas (Nicolaus) en Allemagne samedi… Il a frappé au carreau du salon avec sa crosse dorée et il est entré…Ce que je retiens surtout ce sont les yeux brillants d'une petite Fiona, complètement fascinée par l&;3p#ap9arition (et un peu effrayée en constatant combien St Nicolas était au courant de ses bêtises de l'année passée… !). Moi qui ne croyait au Père Noël (et encore moins à St Nicolas qui n'existe pas chez les bretons), je vais revoir mon jugement…En parlant de St Nicolas, je vais à la poste demain avec un peu de thé pour Sarah.


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