Origami christmas ornaments II

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Continuing with origami ideas for Christmas, in this post I will tell you about this fabulous star designed by Enrica Dray. It’s great for hanging on the Christmas tree but maybe you can think of other uses for it.


As you can see, it’s composed of eight parts, four red and four golden. Both colors come from kraft paper rolls that I bought at Mandarina Home. It’s easy to find this type of paper in a great variety of colours in bookstores, but the golden paper might be a challenge. The parts are 7x7cm squares and the outcome is a star 10cm big. The instructions, wich include pictures, are available on this page. As usual, you will not need to use glue, because the modules fit together tightly. To give a different touch you can curl the tips of the star, like I did in the picture.

2 thoughts on “Origami christmas ornaments II

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    I know for a fact that an old Pennsylvania high school buddy of mine (and former Marine) in far western VA owns one. (He’s Scots-Irish though.) And I bet a whole lot of those damnyankee military retirees down around Virginia Beach and other some such spots also own quite a few.


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