Origami butterflies

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origami butterflies lafosseButterflies, butterflies and more butterflies. In the last 15 days I have filled my life with butterflies and all thanks to Michael Lafosse. This Christmas, my brother gift me the book Origami Butterflies, a publication that I loved for some time now. Butterflies I already knew Michael Lafosse, but I never imagined they may create addiction.

This book begins with a brief introduction and includes advices to fold butterflies and picking the perfect paper, in order to create truly wonderful. The magical part of this publication is that when you start to fold a butterfly you can not stop. Once you understand the basis of folding make changes it is a real pleasure.

I recommend you to choose double sided paper, although you can also get good results with washi or kraft paper. The instructions are detailed and include diagrams with texts in English and step by step explanations. In addition, this book includes two DVD with tutorials for each model. They are highly recommended to get a good finishing touch on the most delicate parts of the model: the head and the body. Thanks to this audiovisual material this book is not just for those with an intermediate level folders, it can also be interesting for adventurous beginners.

Here you have a sample of butterflies that I folded these days.


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