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I remember folding this origami gift box a couple of years ago when I started to play origami again. At that time, it was a triumph create a complex figure. A box with a lid from a single sheet was too much! Recently, I found again this model -designed from Akiko Yamanashi- on Pinterest and I decided to fold it again. 

origami boxIt’s not a complex model for me anymore but it’s still a beautiful box and a perfect gift.

If you want to try and fold this origami box just follow this instructions.

1 thought on “Small gift box

  1. Irish

    Cristina te prometo por lo que quieras que si vienes pongo los que tanto me gustan en el sofa, en el chaiselongue, en mi cama y en los cinco cu03ots&#82ra;.yo por tus cojines y que los acomodes ¡te hago reír de por vida! Un besote desmadroso


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