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Origami tulip and vase

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tulipanes origami papiroflexia

Spring is comming! Over the next few weeks we’ll have more daylight hours and all the gardens will be plenty of flowers. But at home we can also have our flower: this lovely origami tulips! These tulips, designed by Kunihiko Kasahara, are created with two papers: one green for the leaf (15x15cm) and another for the flower (7,5×7,5cm). The fold… Read more »

Small gift box

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origami box

I remember folding this origami gift box a couple of years ago when I started to play origami again. At that time, it was a triumph create a complex figure. A box with a lid from a single sheet was too much! Recently, I found again this model -designed from Akiko Yamanashi- on Pinterest and I decided to fold it… Read more »

Japanese brocades

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brocado japones origami

Have you tried modular origamis? If the answer is no but you want to I have a great model for you. The japanese brocade (ishibashi minako) is really simple and you only need 6 parts to build it. At first the merger of the pieces can seem weak but, don’t worry, the result is very strong. Queda genial como adorno… Read more »

A paper heart

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corazon hinchable

Few images are more strongly than a heart. It symbolizes love, life, strength, romance and passion There are a thousand ways to fold it but my favourite is the inflatable origami heart designed by Jeremy Shafer. The instructions are very simple and you can find them both in video or pictures. You can use any paper but I recommend you… Read more »

Origami butterflies

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Butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies. In the last 15 days I have filled my life with butterflies and all thanks to Michael Lafosse. This Christmas, my brother gift me the book Origami Butterflies, a publication that I loved for some time now. Butterflies I already knew Michael Lafosse, but I never imagined they may create addiction. This book begins with… Read more »