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It may seem an obvious thing to say, but boxes are essential items in our lives. In them you can keep memories, make gifts to people you like or create order of your mess. But the best thing about boxes is that we can create our own with just a sheet of paper. Do you want to know how?

cajas de origami

Look for a piece of paper, preferably with a thickness of about 120-150 gr, with at least one of the sides decorated. Cut a square and follow these simple instructions. If you hesitate in any of the steps of the diagram you can see these photographs with the step by step process.


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If you use thick paper I recommend you to do the folds with a folder, that way the corners will be perfect. If you don’t have one, you can also use any flat object, like a dessert knife (from the non-cutting side, obviously).

To make the cover you have leave a few millimeters more of space between the center and the edge of the paper in step 4. That way the cover will have almost the same size as the box. After this step you can play with the paper and  vary the size of the edges of the cover, always taking as reference the central square

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