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Sonobe star kusudama

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I bring you the most beautiful origami ever. This kusudama, designed by Maria Sinayskaya,is a modification of the common sonobe. To fold it, you’ll need 30 squares of two sided paper. The assembing is easy and it holds together very well. You can use either kami or kraft paper without any problem. And in this case, you are not going… Read more »

Fold an origami elephant

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I hadn’t written in my blog for a long time but now I have something important to say to you. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is trying to break the Guinness World Records™ title for the largest display of origami elephants. The goal is to reach 35,000 origami elephants to bring attention to the 35,000 elephants that are killed each… Read more »

5 tips for kusudama beginners

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A year ago I wouldn’t dare to imagine that I was to be able to fold a kusudama. Until mid-2015 any origami design composed of two or more parts was an impossible challenge. I tried to start with basics such as the Tomoko Fuse boxes, but I failed. I also tried with some 30-pieces kusudama, which ended in the bin. I tried, and tried and tried and it nearly drove me crazy. As I told you on the blog, this agony ended when I folded the… Read more »